StationWare 3000

StationWare 3000

Dualoy StationWare 3000 is a self contained CAD program
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Dualoy StationWare 3000 is a self contained CAD program which makes service station layout quick and easy. The stand-alone program runs on Microsoft® Windows™ (XP, Vista, or 7). StationWare 3000 greatly reduces the time spent preparing station layout drawings and compiling bills of material.

Main Features:

- Self-contained program runs on Windows™ (XP, Vista, or 7). No additional software required.
- Easy to use: a beginner can produce a professional service station layout within hours of learning the program.
- Prints out drawings in black and white or color.
- Using a color printer, you can print out professional station layout color presentations.
- Prints out a bill of materials for ease in ordering (includes commodity codes, description, and list or discounted prices).
- Preprogrammed selection of rigid and coaxial piping products, tanks, and sumps.
- CAD drawing features allow you to create C-store buildings, landscaping, curbing, signage, canopies, and other details.
- Creates auto-dimensioning between user designated points.
- Descriptive text labels are easy to add to layouts.

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